Friday, April 28, 2017

book review

  In this book review I will be talking about The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by Jessica Bird. The official ratings are, goodreads is 4 stars, barns and noble is 4.5 stars. My rating is 4.5 stars, The book had beautiful detail, a thrilling, original plot, and complex, amazing charaters. I have only read the first two but, i'm about three quarters from the end. I thought it was pretty neat how one book is about one charater and then the next book is about a differnet charater. For example the first book was about Beth and Wrath, the second was about Rhage and mary, and so on. You still see and hear about those characters but you don't read about is through their eyes. The romance is to DIE for, the books are a laugh-out loud romance.

"This book series will change you."- Sarah J. Maas (NewYork #1 best selling author)

Black Dagger Brotherhood series is about vampies and lessers, The brotherhood are a group of six males who are sworn to protect their race, but lessers kill and hunt vanpires. The lessers forced the vampire population the decline, the vampires are questioning the brotherhood. Every day more vampire's die, and the brothers are finding their soul mates but the lessers will always find ways to hurt the brotherhood and one way to do that is to hurt their mates.

 Wrath, is the most powerful who is heir to the vampire throne, but doesn't accept the throne. Wrath's parents, the king and queen, were murdered by lessers when he was just a child. But when he meets a half vampire, half human, beth, his life will take a trip down the yellow brick road. Rhage was cursed will a beast, so when he gets mad he turns into this beast who harms the people he cares about, for this reason he tries to stay away from Mary, but that was turning out to be difficult. Zsadist is scared from his past, both mentally and physically, He has a terrible scar across his face that tells people he's bad news and to stay as far away from him as possible. But Bella think a differnt, But when Bella breaks down the walls of his past, will she still think the same? Tohr has everything his wife, Wellsie, and a baby on the way. But that all crashes down when Wellsie goes where she shouldn't have, the outcome of that, is not good. Phury knows only two things, protect his twin ,Zsadist, and never, ever touch, look, or even smells females. But when Bella walks into the picture, things get way harder. Vishous gets visions of everyone and can hear everyones thoughts, he plays a major part in the brotherhood.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

social issue

    My social issue is gay adoption. I picked the specific issue because it affects many, many people, it affects the parents being denied to start a family, and it is affecting the orphans. The amount of same-sex couple adotion went from 19% down to 16%. That mean there are 2% more of ophans not in a family, 2% more children who do not know what it is like to have parents give them love. This law is afecting both gay couples and orphans. With this paper I will inform my readers about the law concerning gay adoption, adoption rates, how it has been affecting people, and how people have acted out against this or for this cause.

   Some of the states that do not allow gay adoption, the parent who had the child (with a sperm doner) is considered the child's legal parent while the second parent is not considered to be a legal parent and has limitted rights with the child's education, medicine, etc. This law is pretty much saying, "yes, you can have a child but your spouse will not be considered your child's parent." This is unfair for both the child and the parents. Research estimates that the total number of children nation wide with at least one gay parent is 6 to 14 million, and an estimated 2 million LGBT+ people are interested in adopting, thats 2 millions kids who might have a life long home. Gay adoption should be treated just the same as heterosexual adoption.

this has helped no one maybe it made catholics feel better, byt otherwise, it has helped no one, it is causeing major issues and conflicts. It changes the fact that some people can't even start a family. It makes it that much that much harder to adopt children. Now you can only start a family in certain areas.

I still need people's claim on this and how it affects them. I also need statments on how this affects their surroundings and their daily lives. I also need claims from people who support this law, and why.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


 music is a major part of my life, I listen to it every morning, when doing homework, and doing everyday things. Music makes me think about the music, not school, drama, teachers, and just other bad stuff. It really helps me study because if I listen to a certain song during studing, and I listen to the same song while taking the quiz/Test. I'll remember better.

The first one is twenty one pilots, they just got a grammy, but the thing is josh and tyler is they accepted the grammy in the underpants. but I really love twenty one pilots, their lyrics aren't about what fit with the beat, they are about the 'story' of the song. My favorite songs with them is by far "The Judge" it's so good! really, check them out.

my next artist is Melanie Martinez, first she is SO good. She writes the weirdest, coolest, and kiddish songs. Her songs are like twenty one pilots, their lyrics aren't just words, they are a story. Melanie's songs are mostly about cazy stuff, she makes it work though. Some of my favorite songs of Melanie's are Crybaby, pity party, carousel, mad hatter, and doll house. If you need some music to dance to, or question reality, look. Her. Up!

This guy is not famous at all! but he does have a really good thing going on youtube. But anyways, his name is Caleb Hyles, he does all my nerd songs from Tokyo ghoul, steven universe, movies, and a bunch of animes. he's my nerd artist, but he is soooo good, he might be a stronger singer then adele, that's saying something! He can hit that high C like it's nothing, if you watch him sing you can tell he's passionate about singing, his hands hit the air when singing, he squeezes his eyes shut and opens his mouth. He's just so talented, I love him.

Panic! at the disco, where do I even start, like, they are so amazing. Brenden is so passionate when he sings and that makes his music that much better. I love just listening to his songs, just staring at the ceiling listening to the lyrics, His, like all my artists, have deep, meaningful lyrics. Brenden can go so high for so long, you get a lot of that in "This is Gosipal" What makes them even better is that they are one of the top emo bands.

Now the best one for last, miley cyrus!!! her one song title describes about all of her songs, "love, money, party." Some of her songs are about heart brake and depression. Those ones are my favorite, but she is engaged to liam Hemsworth, and she is a judge on the voice and her team is going to win. #teammily She's the best remodel in the world, she's always telling people to be themselves, and self image is very important. She gets a lot of hate for being herself, but she doesn't care. She herself is Pansexual so she knows how being "different" can attract hate and judgment, so she handles it perfectly, so if you are searching for a role model, miley cyrus. Katy Pery said the exact words too!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Coming out

I'm one of those people who are addicts of tumblr. I do most of my 3 a.m internet scrolling on instagram. but I always read funny stories that happen to other people, and one of my favorite subjects is coming out stories. some are really funny, while others are heart warming. if you are part of the queer community all of you will comeout one day or another. if you don't know what "coming out" is i'll explain, it's when a gay,lesbian, pan, or others tell close ones that they are gay, leasbain, etc. Well i'm going to tell you some of my favorite stories. 

somedody's grandmere at a family gathering said, "all gays are going to hell!" when one of the boys at the table heard this he  got up and was leaving when his cousin yelled after him, "where are you going?!" and the boy simply replied, "to hell apperently." Then kept walking. and left the whole room speechless.

This girl was at a gay pride parade (on my bucket list to go to one) and she had red contacts in, just because it's part of the rainbow, and a hater (ew) said, "your going to hell!" and the girls bared her teeth and said, "then you will see me there too, but i'll be on a throne, while you aren't." She walked away, leaving the hater (ew) looking as if he'd seen a ghost. #girlpower

Those were the only ones i could really remember. I hope they at least make you smile or mentally smile. And remeber if your a queer, be proud of what you are! don't let anybody change you, somebody is just waiting for youto accept yourself so they can be with you. don't be a hater (ew) be kind to all the differnt people.

Monday, November 21, 2016

A court of mist and fury

i read this book about 3 weeks ago and i'm still not even close to being done with it, i finished the book in like 1 and a half days, but i can't stop thinking about it. I give it 5 stars, It was such a twisty book! You never know what's going to happen next. I love it sooo much. I'm 35765432% sure i'm obbsessed with it. Stage one of my obbsession was looking up fanfiction but now i'm truly obbsessed because, i ran out of fanfiction! I follow like 47 people who make a court of mist and fury fanfiction and i found out the third and final book of the serios title! it's A court of wings and ruin. I'm super exited for it! If you have not read this, READ IT!! Its 100%, 5 stars, and 10/10!

Monday, October 31, 2016

global read around

Orbiting Jupiter.

global read around (GRA) is a place where teachers or anybody can speak to other people about books they have read. In my case, my teacher is using GRA to talk to other students about the book we are reading, Orbiting Jupiter.

Orbiting Jupiter is about a kid named Joseph who has had a pretty rough life. He's a foster kid in 8th grade, but the thing is, Joseph has a child. Her name is Jupiter. Joseph's new foster family is trying to help joseph be a normal child. The family will learn things about and from joseph. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


About me

   Hi, my name is Autumn. I really enjoy doing D.I.Y's and reading. I'm in volleyball, swim team, softball, basket ball, and track. I like to garden, tend to animals, and i love to read. i'm obsessed with Miley Cyrus.
I love hanging out with friends, either,  at sports, around town, or at home. I read mostly at night, I know a lot of people hate reading at night because they fall asleep, I sometimes do that, book in my hand, dead asleep. To keep healthy I walk around with my thirteen year old dog Kota. We walk to lakes, trees, and other nature stuff. Kota is a yellow lab, she loves walking with me and going to search for other wild life. I really hope you enjoy my blog, I look forward to seeing you in the future.